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Who we are

PEPAIDS is an international development charity, based in the North West of the UK, in Manchester. Founded in 2001, by nurse, Helen Allen, PEPAIDS stands for Peer Education Programme against AIDS, which describes the foundation upon which our philosophy is built. See the PEPAIDS Story in pictures!

Our Mission

PEPAIDS’ mission is to contribute to the reduction of poverty and HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa and to raise awareness, both within the affected communities and internationally, of the issues surrounding poverty and HIV/AIDS.

Where We Work

At present, our activities are focussed in Zambia and the UK. In Zambia we work in partnership with a Zambian NGO, SAPEP, based in the southern Province of the Country, in the Monze and Mazabuka Districts. In the UK we work with volunteers from across the nation, enabling them to play a meaningful part in the ongoing battle against poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa. We work particularly closely with schools and universities to deliver our Engage Programme that aims to enable people in Zambia to partner with people from the UK and other countries, to capacity-build each other and provide an experience that will change lives for the better!

Our Philosophy

PEPAIDS’ and SAPEP’s work is broad-ranging, to meet the diversity of need on the ground. Our focus is on empowering the most vulnerable in society, such as women, children, orphans and people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). We are forward-thinking and our approach is sustainable. Our aim is not to create a dependency on hand-outs, but to mobilise communities to be able to use the resources they already have and become independent, no longer reliant on outside help. By educating people with the facts about HIV/AIDS and equipping them with the skills to work together and use the resources they have, we aim to empower communities to help themselves. Targeting a few communities at a time, for an agreed period, our work enables them to care for their sick, provide for their children and orphans, value women and embrace their contribution, generate income and invest in future generations. PEPAIDS’ Engage Programme reflects the work that we do, and enables volunteers world-wide to contribute.


SAPEP stands for Simalelo AIDS Peer Education Programme. Simalelo is a local term, used by the Tonga Tribe, meaning my guardian and provider, while peer education is the main method through which SAPEP mobilises rural communities and helps them prosper in the face of poverty and HIV/AIDS.

SAPEP is run by native Zambians and has spent many years building a good relationship with rural Zambian communities that have come to know and trust them. Our partner NGO is the expert in delivering effective outreach to rural communities in Zambia because the team live and work in the very areas they reach out to. They face the same daily challenges and therefore understand what is helpful in overcoming those obstacles. As they are themselves part of the community they are accepted and people will listen to what they have to say. This cultural relevance is vital to ensure that our work is useful and that the money we raise actually achieves something.

Working Together, Making it Count!

PEPAIDS works closely with SAPEP - each organisation plays to its strengths, learns from the other and together we make a great team! PEPAIDS initiatives are designed and delivered in close collaboration with SAPEP, to ensure that they meet the actual needs of communities in Zambia. Whether it’s outreach in Zambia, fundraising, research or publicity, PEPAIDS’ aim is always to make the best use of the resources we have, and to ensure that our work results in the alleviation of poverty and HIV/AIDS in Zambia and Africa. 

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George's Marvellous Motorbike!

George Malambo has been one of the most inspirational Zambian Peer Educators of our story. To this day, George has worked hard to do what he can to help the poorest and sickest in his community and further afield, as well as inspiring all of our UK volunteers. So as our parting gesture, PEPAIDS wanted to reward him for 16 years of amazing service.

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