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sapep signSAPEP stands for Simalelo AIDS Peer Education Programme. SAPEP currently operates in the Mazabuka and Monze Districts of the Southern Province, of Zambia. SAPEP became a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) in 2002, but was born out of a team that had experience in working together to deliver HIV/AIDS outreach in this area of Zambia since 1989. As an independent organisation, SAPEP is able to seek its own support and direct funding in response to actual need on the ground.

SAPEP: Our Mission

In English….

Simalelo Aids Peer Education Programme (SAPEP) is a Zambian, not-for-profit NGO that imparts appropriate skills to young rural adults in the southern Province to empower them to mobilize their communities to prevent and mitigate HIV/AIDS

… and in Tonga (the local tribal language)!

 “Simalelo nkabunga katalikumbatizyi ku mfulumende kalo katali mu mpindu, kalwana bulwazi bwa Sikalileke mucisi ca Zambia nkocili kumusanza kwiinda mukupa lwiiyo lweelede kubakusyi akupa nsana zyakuswanganya bana maleya kutegwa babweze ntaamu zya kukwabilila a kulanganya baabo bajatikizyidwe abulwazi bwa Sikalileke”.

SAPEP: Our Philosophy

SAPEP CEO, Wilson Nyirenda, describes how SAPEP works….

“The answer to poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa will not be simple or prescriptive. Instead, answers are likely to come at the community level, dependent on those communities’ needs and the challenges that face them. Given this fact, SAPEP works to engage communities by empowering them to fight their own battles through the provision of training, resources and investment opportunities.

It is our AIDS Action Clubs that are leading the way in mobilising their communities against poverty and HIV/AIDS. We cannot do this job for them but we can facilitate their work which allows us to reach more communities, more vulnerable people and have a greater impact.

Our work focuses on five main areas:

    • Prevention
    • Economic Empowerment
  • Care and Support
  • Community Positive Living
  • Nkolola (a traditional Zambian ceremony, during which girls are particularly vulnerable)

Our line of work is known as “capacity building” which basically means giving people skills and resources to do things for themselves.

The methodology that we promote is “peer education”, which is an approach to tackling a problem that engages and facilitates the community to spread a positive message.”

Wilson Nyirenda was interviewed by the Guardian Weekly, please click here to read more about the work SAPEP is doing


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