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Wednesday the 20th of November

This week one of our major projects was to evaluate the two OVC camps that we ran earlier on in the year. One camp was held in Monze and one in the Mazabuka district; we evaluated the Monze camp today and will evaluate the Mazabuka district on Friday. Due to the distances between some of the communities which contributed children to the Monze OVC camp we held two meetings to evaluate it, one in the morning at St Mary's school and one in the afternoon and Kafwe-fwe community school. Both meetings went brilliantly, and the OVCs and their guardians together gave us some really useful information to help us improve our Growing Futures project. They also told us what parts were successful, that parts that didn't need changing at all, which is always wonderful to hear. Zambians love to talk about the positive which is great fun but makes the task of finding areas of the OVC camps to improve rather a challenge. However, SAPEP have spent years working with these communities and so are well versed in how to find out the information we need.


Here, OVCs from around the area of St Mary's respond to a questionnaire that we read aloud to them. The children sit wide apart and cover their eyes so that they are unable to know what their peers answer to the questions and vice versa. This is important as some of the questions ask what kind of abuse they have experienced in the past and so creating a sense of security and confidentiality is hugely important.


There were only a handful of OVCs that came from the area surrounding Kafwe-fwe community school, but to walk to St Mary's would have taken many hours. Here our Monze project officer Oliver (standing) explains what will happen in today's evaluation to the OVCs, their guardians and several interested members of the community.


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