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Saturday the 23rd – Thursday the 28th of November

As promised here are some pictures from my stay with Nina at her farm – more holiday snaps than charity blog but fun all the same.



Above are two male Kudus cross a road of the farm whilst I was being showed around by Nina's husband George. This was actually taken the first time I visited the farm three weeks ago but it was proper wildlife so I had to show you it.

To the right is some not-so-wild-wildlife in the form of Lucy, one of Nina's dogs. Lucy has developed a cunning plan whereby she attaches herself to any and every visitor Nina has. To be honest, it's quite nice; you get your own personal dog for the week.



Here is my personal gecko, for arguments sake let's call him Garry. He was one of two that kept my room free from all things insect. Being a farm brightly lit in the middle of the bush Nina's house is a bit of an insect magnet, much to this Garry's delight.

And just below is his supper. These are flying termites and when the rain arrives they take to the skies via a set of disposable wings which they break off shortly after landing.


After this they pair off into couples and together look for a suitable nest site so you see the couples romantically wandering around the house late at night. Sadly there is not much hope for Romeo and Juliet, their love story probably ended along with Gary's desire to eat any more for the evening.

So, as an alternative to a career in development I could always try my hand at becoming the next David Attenborough. Any takers? I thought not.


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