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Ed Stacey is a PEPAIDS volunteer who is part of the team helping to set up our Growing Futures project. In early November 2013 he headed out to Zambia to meet up with SAPEP and finalise our plans for Growing Futures. Ed, who lives in Oxfordshire, has been volunteering with PEPAIDS since September 2013 and hopes to go into a career in International Development after working with PEPAIDS. Ed has been helping bring the best that SAPEP and PEPAIDS have to offer together on this project and will keep us up to date with regular reports of his trip and the work he is doing on this page.

Wednesday the 6th of November


Today I went and visited an individual whom Wilson, the CEO of SAPEP, has been helping for the past week. Her name is Sandra and she is pictured here with her baby called Mary. As you can see Sandra is very young, although truth-be-told she doesn't know how old she actually is. Her mother died at birth and no-one has ever told her who her father is. Her husband has seemingly abandoned both her and her child when they recently moved to Monze and she doesn't know where he is or when he will be back. Finally, Sandra has been found to have both HIV and cancer.

Wilson met Sandra at the hospital in Monze last Thursday where she was receiving chemotherapy. As she lay on the hospital bed battling the violent drugs that are trying to save her life Mary was left alone. Sandra was too sick to tend to her, the staff were too busy to notice. Wilson has never been too busy to notice. He began demanding why no-one was looking after this young and vulnerable mother. Luckily for the staff at the hospital someone recognised Wilson and told them that they had better start doing something or the hospital would never hear the end of it.


Monday the 4th of November

Greetings from Zambia!

Last night after two fights, two car journeys and twenty-four hours of travelling I arrived at Wilson's house in Monze, the administrative centre of one of the districts of Southern Zambia that we operate in. I had the chance to see a bit of Zambia's capital city Lusaka yesterday. We drove past the state house (replace state with 'White' and you'll get the idea) and the British embassy as we headed south out of the city. To be honest, and this is so pathetically British of me, the biggest shock was the driving which was a cross between wacky races and scrapheap challenge that would probably put my dad into a coma if he is ever forced to witness it. If you are struggling to picture it Google "car crash compilations" and watch several of the suggested YouTube videos; now imagine what it would have looked like if, rather than crash, all of those cars had in fact missed each other by as many as three or maybe even four millimetres. Picture it now? I can.



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