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bridge-of-lifeIt is estimated that around 80% of Zambia's rural population are living in extreme poverty (World Bank, 2013), leaving many children vulnerable for a variety of reasons. Empowering young people to help break the poverty cycle and become part of the solution is central to our mission. Every year SAPEP runs camps for orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) to give them a break from the daily hardships they face and equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to make their own situation better.


Breakfast at Tiffany's...

CBC2OK, it's actually breakfast at Chisila, but Tiffany's sounded good! For almost four years now Chisila Community school has been partnered with Chorlton High School in Manchester. In that time Chorlton has done some fantastic fundraising and has equipped the pupils at Chisila with some wonderful things that has meant the quality of their education became comparable to a government school. This March we took out some more resources, but donated Chorlton's fundraising to be used in a very different way.....


MAKE(ing) a Difference with the BBC!

16-Wilson-007_webFor the last year or so, SAPEP have been partnering with the BBC and the Zambia Council for Social Development to run the MAKE Project. The aim of the MAKE  (Media for Accountability & Empowerment)  Project is to use media to give communities a voice and equip them with the information they need to address problems in their local area.

This March, PEPAIDS Founder and CEO, Helen Allen, went along to see the project in action:

Every Saturday at 12:00 midday, a group of villagers from St Mary’s in Monze District gather under a tree. A group of citizens, carefully selected to ensure that there is a balance of men, women and youth of various viewpoints, that are representative of the wider community. Their mission:  to come, to question and to conquer! They have no radio, so the SAPEP vehicle, doors wide open and radio on, full blast, is their media platform and Wilson Nyirenda, SAPEP CEO, armed with a dictaphone to record their feedback, is their citizen journalist!


Schools of Good Hope: Stepping in the Right Direction

For almost three years now, PEPAIDS has been delivering the Schools of Good Hope Project in Zambia. With help from SAPEP, we have made a fantastic difference to the education of over 1300 children in eight community schools. The time has come for us to take the next step on our development journey and start to hand over the project to SAPEP to run the Zambian side of things. 

Sasha and Vincent hand over a donation of resources and money to Kafefwe Community School
“Your donation will bring commitment and hard work for this community” Headman, Kafefwe


New Pastures for Sasha and Vincent

CIMG6408_webAfter an amazing, almost four years, involvement with PEPAIDS, Sasha Kasthuriarachchi, our Engage Project Manager, and Vincent Heselwood, our Schools of Good Hope Co-ordinator are moving on to Malaysia! We are delighted to report that Sasha Will be working for the British Council and Vincent has been offered a teaching post at an international school in Kuala Lumpur.

Sasha and Vincent’s commitment to and achievements for PEPAIDS have been nothing short of outstanding! Sasha won the Vodafone World of Difference International Competition in 2010, enabling her to work for us full-time in Zambia. Vincent, her partner and qualified teacher, went with her and pioneered our incredible Schools of Good Hope Project. Sasha established the Engage Volunteering Programme, and together they have been a significant driving force behind many of our greatest accomplishments including, the building of the SAPEP Headquarters in 2010; the re-branding of our website in 2011; the sinking of a borehole for one of our communities in 2012. Our latest project, Staging Change, was Sasha’s initiative and used drama to empower women in relationships. It produced some great results that we will be reporting in the next newsletter.  


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