Great Big Christmas Card is a Great Big Success!

CIMG6738-1WE DID IT! Our Great Big Christmas Card Campaign has been a Great Big Success! You guys are AMAZING! Thanks to your fantastic support we raised £12,033 in one month! Not only that, but you have helped us win an extra £2000 in the GlobalGiving UK Gateway Challenge, which is just awesome! We are blown away by your generosity! Thank you so so much! The best news of all, is that with our fundraising and prize money combined, we now have enough money to pay for the whole of our Schools of Good Hope Project! This is beyond our wildest expectations! YOU have given over 1000 of Zambia's poorest school children, the precious gift of education this Christmas and you have given us all here at PEPAIDS in the UK and in Zambia the gift of encouragement! THANK YOU!!!!


News from the Ground

Thanks to your amazing generosity we have already been able to start our Schools of Good Hope Project! This week, our guys on the ground in Zambia, Sasha Kasthuriarachchi and Vincent Heselwood have been out to some of the schools, with literally truckloads of stuff! The children, had never even seen, let alone been given, such a wonderful variety of learning materials and I think their faces say it all!



One week to go! Help us score a hat trick!

We’ve nearly done it! After an AMAZING month of Christmas Card Campaigning for our Schools of Good Hope Project, thanks to you fantastic lot, we’ve nearly achieved our 3 goals! With just days to go, we are on track to raise our target of £10,000 and to win an additional £2000 prize money which will make a massive difference to Zambia’s poorest schoolchildren. But we still need your help to achieve goal number 3 which is to get 1000 names on our Great Big Christmas Card! If you haven’t already, you can donate now to sign our card and help us score our hat trick!

We are so excited about taking our Great Big Christmas Card to each of the eight community schools we’re working with and showing them the long list of real people who have personally donated to give them the gift of education. As well as the tangible support of teacher training and resources that your money provides for their schools, the thing that gives eight of Zambia’s poorest communities continued hope is simply knowing that there are people out there who know about them and are standing with them in their quest to become independent of outside help! It’s been an incredible month and we would love it if we could get 1000 names on our card to encourage the people in Zambia who are working so hard to help themselves! There’s still time to tell your friends to add their names and donate now to add yours! We have until 22nd December to do it so, if you haven’t already, please make a donation and sign our card! A small gesture from you will make a BIG difference to children in Zambia! Happy Christmas!



News from the Ground

'A Great Change has been Noted in Both the Teachers and the Pupils'
(Teacher, Mujika West Community School)

Back in the summer we did a condensed pilot version of the Schools of Good Hope Project with three community schools, which we have continued to work with. Training the volunteer teachers in even the most simple of classroom techniques has had a big impact on the schools already and recent feedback from the parents, teachers and the wider community shows they have really noticed a difference!

'seating plans has changed behaviour as it makes pupils feel like they have their own place where they belong' (Teacher, Chisila Community School) 

'children are interested in coming to school because of the games we have introduced into lessons' (Teacher, Mujika West Community School) 

‘We have seen an improvement in the pupils and in the quality of the teaching’ (Parents, Chisila Community School) 

‘The teachers’ confidence, skills and knowledge has improved and classes are smiling, active and happy. Even the teacher is happy now!’ (Mazabuka Community member)



Top of the Pops!

helen1Woohoo! At the time of writing, we’re top of the leader board in the Global Giving fundraising challenge! Well done everybody and thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far to add their name to our Great Big Christmas Card! Your support has been AMAZING and we are so grateful! We are just under halfway through the challenge and thanks to your generosity, we are on track to win £1500 for raising the most money!! At the moment, we only need another eight people to donate online and we will be in the lead for the highest number of individual online donors as well! This would win us another £500! With a bit of a push, I know we can do it! Total prize money of £2000 would make a massive difference to the desperately poor schools in Zambia that we are supporting, so keep going everyone- this is an awesome team effort! If you haven’t donated yet, it’s not too late - you can donate now -  we have until 22nd December! We’re in it to win it and a small gesture from you will make a BIG difference to us and an even bigger difference to Zambia’s poorest schoolchildren! Thank you so much!


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