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So our Great Big Christmas Card has had a busy first week of it's campaign! Day two, I took it along to Red Magazine's Hot Women Awards, to see if I could rope in a few celebrities to help! As you can see they obliged, but we still need your help to turn excitement into cash! Over 1000 of Zambia's poorest children need our help to have hope and a future. Please donate today, add your name to our card, and give the gift of Education this Christmas!


Left to right: Radio 1 DJ, Lauren Laverne, Singer, Louise Redknapp and Radio 2 DJ, Jo Whiley


News from the Ground

Vincent Heselwood and Sasha Kasthuriarachchi

Volunteer-teacher-chalkWe visited Mabanze Community School in Mazabuka this week to run teacher training assessments of the untrained volunteers teaching there. One of the things that we discovered is that the school hasn't had chalk for three weeks, and so the teachers have had real difficulty teaching the classes as they have no other resources apart from the blackboard. In some cases, the teachers have sent the pupils home (they usually attend for only half a day anyway) because they don't know what else to do with them. A pack of chalk only costs 47p, and yet this school can't even afford that. It really helps to put things in perspective and also shows us how a little money can really go a long way in improving the education of the children who attend this school. 

So please, donate now!


Hot Competition

PEPAIDS has another exciting opportunity that we want YOU to be involved in and that will help us end 2011 on a high! We have been accepted by GlobalGiving UK to participate in its Gateway Challenge, a fundraising opportunity for nonprofit organizations in which we get the chance to compete for bonus funding prizes. 

PEPAIDS needs to raise £2,000 from 50 donors between the 22st November and the 22st December. If we do, we’ll get a permanent spot on GlobalGiving UK’s fundraising website, with opportunities to benefit from corporate relationships, exposure to a new donor network, and access to dozens of online fundraising, support and training tools. 

We're aiming to not only pass the challenge, but to raise a total of £10,000 in 30 days, through our Great Big Christmas Card Campaign! The money raised will go towards our Schools of Good Hope project in Zambia and help us to improve the education of over 1000 children. 

If we’re to reach this target we’re going to need your help spreading the word so please share this opportunity with your friends and family.

Visit our homepage for more information.


Christmas Card Countdown

Hands-Up_webThere's nothing more encouraging for our friends in Zambia, than to know that people from other countries in the world are supporting them in their daily struggle against poverty & HIV\AIDS.

This year we have a super-duper plan to bring a festive boost to the communities we work with! Next week, on the 21st November, we will be launching our Great Big Christmas Card Campaign!

We're giving ourselves 1 month to get 1000 names on a great big Christmas card, which we're going to give to each of the 8 community schools in Zambia that we're working with this year.

Our aim is to raise crucial cash for our Schools of Good Hope Project and help PEPAIDS win a fundraising competition, run by GlobalGiving UK! We're hoping it's going to literally be a win win situation and we'd love it if you could help us!

For you and your friends it's going to be quick & easy-for our friends in Zambia it's going to change their lives!

Watch this space & get ready for a Christmas Cracker!


George's Marvellous Medicine!

george-medicine_webGeorge Malambo is a Peer Educator for SAPEP and he’s been using his skills to help treat AIDS patients in the local community! A few years ago, through his work with SAPEP, George received some training on herbal medicine. Since then he has been working with his AIDS Action Club, who are all HIV positive, and call themselves the “positive living club”, to cultivate a small-holding. By working together, George has passed on his knowledge and skills to his club members and they have been successfully growing herbs, fruit and vegetables for food and making medicines, which they’ve used to keep themselves healthy and manage their own symptoms, as well as to sell and generate an income.


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George's Marvellous Motorbike!

George Malambo has been one of the most inspirational Zambian Peer Educators of our story. To this day, George has worked hard to do what he can to help the poorest and sickest in his community and further afield, as well as inspiring all of our UK volunteers. So as our parting gesture, PEPAIDS wanted to reward him for 16 years of amazing service.

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