Christmas Card Countdown

Hands-Up_webThere's nothing more encouraging for our friends in Zambia, than to know that people from other countries in the world are supporting them in their daily struggle against poverty & HIV\AIDS.

This year we have a super-duper plan to bring a festive boost to the communities we work with! Next week, on the 21st November, we will be launching our Great Big Christmas Card Campaign!

We're giving ourselves 1 month to get 1000 names on a great big Christmas card, which we're going to give to each of the 8 community schools in Zambia that we're working with this year.

Our aim is to raise crucial cash for our Schools of Good Hope Project and help PEPAIDS win a fundraising competition, run by GlobalGiving UK! We're hoping it's going to literally be a win win situation and we'd love it if you could help us!

For you and your friends it's going to be quick & easy-for our friends in Zambia it's going to change their lives!

Watch this space & get ready for a Christmas Cracker!


George's Marvellous Medicine!

george-medicine_webGeorge Malambo is a Peer Educator for SAPEP and he’s been using his skills to help treat AIDS patients in the local community! A few years ago, through his work with SAPEP, George received some training on herbal medicine. Since then he has been working with his AIDS Action Club, who are all HIV positive, and call themselves the “positive living club”, to cultivate a small-holding. By working together, George has passed on his knowledge and skills to his club members and they have been successfully growing herbs, fruit and vegetables for food and making medicines, which they’ve used to keep themselves healthy and manage their own symptoms, as well as to sell and generate an income.


A (Vodafone) World of Difference

300742_10150405151550470_534365469_10459296_2107114669_nCongratulations and huge thanks to Sasha Kasthuriarachchi, who has now completed her Vodafone World of Difference year with us and has been selected as one of Vodafone’s most inspirational World of Difference winners ever! Working full-time for us in Zambia, Sasha has had an incredible impact on PEPAIDS and SAPEP! Not only has she set up our fantastic new-look volunteering programme, called Engage, which has attracted people from as far away as Australia to come and use their skills in Zambia and help our outreach be even more effective; but she’s also trained 232 people across 49 AIDS Action clubs in theatre for development  techniques and played a crucial part in taking PEPAIDS and our Schools of Good Hope project to the next level! We are enormously grateful to the Vodafone Foundation for partnering with us to make all this possible and absolutely delighted that Sasha will be staying with PEPAIDS for the foreseeable future to keep on doing her stuff in Zambia! Woohoo!

To get the full low-down on what an amazing difference Sasha has made, check out our World of Difference Page.


The Nkolola Project

One of SAPEP’s current projects is the Nkolola Project. As traditional ceremonies that prepare young people for marriage die out and talking openly about sex and relationships remains a social taboo, a huge gap is left in young people’s preparation for adult life. They have no choice but to source their information from the media, resulting in misconceptions, unrealistic expectations and compounding the gender inequalities that are already inherent in society. The Nkolola Project seeks to address this growing problem by providing young people with the facts about sex, promoting discussion and challenging cultural attitudes in order to enable young people in Zambia to have happy healthy relationships.

Click here to read all about this project.


Big Drop Box!

boxes1Our latest Schools of Good Hope event was a big delivery of Christmas presents!! Back in December, the whole of year 7 at Chorlton High School in Manchester, busied themselves creating gift boxes for their partner community school, Chisila, in Zambia. Chorlton pupils truly went the extra mile and there was a personalised box for every one of the 97 pupils that was at Chisila last autumn, as well as boxes for the 12 extra pupils that had joined the school since then, showing that the partnership has helped encourage new enrolment, which is what Schools of Good Hope is all about! There were boxes for other children attending the event and even the school got a gift box that included an atlas, a calculator, stationary for the teacher and a Manchester United flag for the classroom!


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