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Orphans and Vunerable Children

OVC Camps

In response to recommendations from research and training from other organisations with expertise in Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) outreach, PEPAIDS’ has facilitated its partner organisation, SAPEP, to deliver a number of recreational camps for orphans and vulnerable children.


MAKE (Media for Accountability & Empowerment) Project

For some time, SAPEP have been partnering with the BBC and the Zambia Council for Social Development to run the MAKE Project. The aim of the MAKE  (Media for Accountability & Empowerment)  Project is to use media to give communities a voice and equip them with the information they need to address problems in their local area.


Ngwezi 'B' Water for Life Project

PEPAIDS, working in partnership with UK based property investment agency Property Frontiers, is very excited to be launching our latest building project in June 2012. The Ngwezi ‘B’ Water for Life Project aims to provide free clean water to the local communities located in SAPEP’s Ngwezi ‘B’ Zone in the Mazabuka district of Zambia by drilling a borehole.


Schools of Good Hope Project

PEPAIDS’ Schools of Good Hope project was set up in 2010 to help improve the quality of education for over 1000 of Zambia’s poorest children in eight of these Community Schools. The project consists of two elements: a schools linking programme aimed at improving the resources and facilities in the Community Schools and a teacher training programme designed to furnish the untrained volunteers with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate as competent teachers.


The Nkolola Project

The Nkolola Project is a one year project, being delivered by SAPEP, that aims to equip young people in the southern Province of Zambia with the facts about sex and educate them about how to have emotionally fulfilling sexual relationships. The aim is to promote happiness and equality within relationships so that people are more likely to remain faithful to one partner, hence reducing the transmission of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.


The Vodafone World of Difference International Programme

In 2010, Sasha Kasturiarachchi won the Vodafone World of Difference International Competition and spent a year in Zambia working for PEPAIDS, courtesy of the Vodafone Foundation! Read (a very short version!!) of our amazing story and about all the things she achieved delivering our Engage Programme!



Latest News


George's Marvellous Motorbike!

George Malambo has been one of the most inspirational Zambian Peer Educators of our story. To this day, George has worked hard to do what he can to help the poorest and sickest in his community and further afield, as well as inspiring all of our UK volunteers. So as our parting gesture, PEPAIDS wanted to reward him for 16 years of amazing service.

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