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Estead Hamalika: Overcoming Gender Inequality

Estead Hamalika is 45 and a widow with 7 children. She lives in Namakuke village, of Chief Ufwenuka, in the Southern Province. She lives on a small area of traditional land which was left in her custody with her children when her husband died.

Estead was being victimised by a male neighbour who has taken away one of her fields that she and her late husband used to plant.

After listening to the platform program aired by Radio Chikuni as part of the MAKE Project, she realised that she has the right to own land. At the age of 45 (life expectancy in Zambia is just 49) and with seven orphans to care for, she cannot afford to start renting fields from other people, because she has lost the asset left to her. After listening to the Programme she gained enough courage and took the case to one of the Radio listening club members, Mr Mwiinga, who is a paralegal officer. Thanks to the radio platform, Mr. Mwiinga learnt about land policies and the process to be taken once such issues are reported. Mr. Mwiinga, who is currently also a vice headmen in Chipembele villages, has become a model in handling land issues and has escalated a formal process to address Estead's problem..

Estead's voice is one of the recent cases to be used in the public debate on Women's Day in Nalucha community on the theme: The Gender Agenda Gaining Momentum.

Mr Mwiinga and Estead Hamalika


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