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Louise Namukamba: Restoring Law and Order

Louise Namukamba is an ex-senior police officer in his late 60s who resides in the showground area (Monze). He has also been recently appointed as the area neighbourhood watch co-ordinator. Since his retirement in 1998, he has been moving from one place to another, until he finally settled in the showgrounds in the year 2006. For a living, he is a self employed mechanic and also does farming on a small scale basis with the help of his tractor and handy servants.

The show grounds initially had stands which were owned by individual show exhibitors. Unfortunately people have become resident on the showground and it has deteriorated into what locals describe as "a slum" with temporary structures that provide a backdrop for a variety of antisocial activities. Wilson Nyirenda, SAPEP CEO and community journalist for the MAKE Project reported:

"The residents of showground specialized in drinking alcohol such that it had become the order of the day, which would usually lead to loud music throughout the day, theft, promiscuity and abusive language. Unlicensed drinking places and murder cases are among common crimes in the show grounds and foul language had become common for children. The showground has had so many mishappenings it has been nick-named Sodom and Gomorah. In the long run the results were that school going children found it impossible to study."

Louise Namukamba, A resident of showgrounds area in Monze

Since 2006 the situation at show grounds had been worsening. Plans to bring sanity in the area had been put in place but to no avail. Louise gives many thanks to the Platform as he believes the sanity that was long desired is now coming to showground:

"The platform has done very well in its pursuit to bring sanity to this area. Before our problem was aired people seemed to be blinded by whatever, was going on. Since people in the area had started listening to the Platform Programme, the name Sodom and Gomorrah is slowly fading away. People now adhere to the right opening and closing times for taverns. The Radio Chikuni Platform Programme on liquor trading and licensing helped in alleviating some of the problems, such as murder cases becoming less as the vices that would lead to such behavior have been controlled".

The liquor trading and licensing Programme was aired in 2012. After the airing, tavern owners observed opening and closing time. The school–going children now say they can study without disturbance, as taverns now play their music on minimal level. In addition to all these benefits, the Zambia Police (Monze) have appointed Mr. Louise as the Area Neighborhoods Watch Co-coordinator so that he can help in maintain the improved conditions showground is now enjoying.

"The platform has positively contributed to my appointment as Neighborhood Watch Coordinator and right now we are just waiting for identity cards for my men and I to swing into action. My wish is that the platform continues as people are gaining new knowledge from the programmes and they are also reforming".


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