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Ngwezi 'B' Water for Life Project

PEPAIDS, working in partnership with UK based property investment agency Property Frontiers, is very excited to be launching our latest building project in June 2012. The Ngwezi ‘B’ Water for Life Project aims to provide free clean water to the local communities located in SAPEP’s Ngwezi ‘B’ Zone in the Mazabuka district of Zambia by drilling a borehole.

medicine-gardenNgwezi ‘B’’s local community’s pride and joy is their fruit, vegetable and herbal garden which was started by one of our peer educators, George Malambo, after he received training on herbal medicine through SAPEP. George used his knowledge to support his community to create a garden that could be used to provide them with food and medicines, thereby improving their health and nutrition. The garden has enabled the community to not only have produce for household consumption but through it they can also generate an income, as they sell much of the produce at local markets. In fact, the project has been such a success that George has motivated several other communities in the area to start their own gardens!

100_1626George’s training in herbal medicine also means that much of the produce from the garden can be used to treat a range of different ailments. The community live in such a rural area that they do not always have access to normal medicines and so having herbal treatments that can be used to heal burns or relieve the symptoms of asthma are extremely useful. Some of the medicines made by the community are also sold to nearby villages and towns.

Running Dry
gardenAs we all know, plants need water. Unfortunately, for George and his community, the nearest water supply is 7km away. This means whilst George’s garden flourishes in the rainy season (between November and March) the dry weather during the rest of the year and the lack of water means that most of George’s plants wither and die. George’s friend, who was inspired by George to start his own garden, has access to a borehole from which he can collect water and is therefore able to grow fruit and vegetables all year round. The lack of water means that not only is George’s community less able to access a balanced, nutritious diet, vital for those living with HIV, but also that George is unable to grow the plants and herbs necessary to produce his medicines.

Of course, the lack of water does nothing to diminish the need for George’s remedies, which is just as high in the dry season as it is during the rest of the year. In the past, George has tried to meet this need by travelling long distances to purchase the necessary herbs from other sources often incurring costs of time and money which he can ill afford. George has the knowledge and training to help those in need but without water he is unable to grow the things he needs and make the best use of his skills.

Where There’s a Well There’s a Way!
ff-logo-021111-largeThe Ngwezi ‘B’ Water for Life Project will be the first project funded by Property Frontiers through their Frontiers Foundation. Headed up by Property Frontier’s CEO, Ray Withers, the Frontiers Foundation aims to have a direct and tangible impact in individual communities across the globe by providing the tools they need to lead self-sufficient lives.

Property Frontiers are aiming to raise £5000, which will pay for the drilling of a borehole in George’s community. Importantly, both Ray and his colleague Charlotte Ashton from AB Property Marketing will also be directly involved in the project on the ground doing a variety of tasks from laying bricks to shoveling sand into wheelbarrows and they will be there to see their project through to completion.

The project has been completed in a relatively short period of time and does make a huge difference to George, his community and his patients.


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