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OVC Camps

In response to recommendations from research and training from other organisations with expertise in Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) outreach, PEPAIDS’ has facilitated its partner organisation, SAPEP, to deliver a number of educational camps for orphans and vulnerable children.


bridge-of-lifeThe aim of the camps are to:

  • Equip children with skills to cope in daily life
  • To help children understand their rights and how to apply those in daily life
  • To help children develop a healthy/ effective dialogue with their parents/ guardians
  • To establish a rehabilitation process with trusted mentors and facilitators
  • To inform children of where to get help if they are experiencing abuse
  • To provide an opportunity for fun, freedom and expression!

spider-webThe camps are aimed at children falling into these categories:

  • Child/ grandmother headed families
  • Victims of sexual abuse
  • Pregnant teenagers
  • Teenagers forced into early marriages
  • Forced labour

In March 2013 Helen Allen heard, first-hand, about the difference a camp had made to children and families in one of our communities. Click on the links below to read some of their testimonies.


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