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An OVC camp Testimony: New Shoes for Jack!

Emelly Siavonga is a mother of 4 children. She has been sick for a long time and had been struggling to care for her family. Emelly sent three of her children on our last OVC camp.  She says:

 “My kids learnt to unite themselves and work together as a family at home.”

She says that her son, Jack, was a problem before the camp and “I’m proud that you re-trained my son!”.

139_smallJack’s Story:

At the OVC camp Jack Hamazila engaged in an exercise called “crossing the electric wire”. Through this game he realised that you can cross over from problems to the other side, and become part of the solution.

Since the OVC camp, Jack realised he could help and has started going out hunting quail, and bringing them home for his family to eat.

His mother, Emelly says, often, “if he kills a bird, he’ll sell it. He then takes the money to the grinding mill and buys maize to make mealie meal”.

He has also saved some of his money and has bough a pair of shoes. Emelly says:

 “He’s proud of having shoes that he has bought himself”.


Emelly’s testimony is that her kids have taken on the duties of the mother. She says

“When you realise children are needed for the camp, then let them go because they learn good skills”


Emelly Siavonga with 3 of her children: Emeldah Hamazila, Jack Hamazila and Mery Hamazila


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