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An OVC Camp Testimony: Putting a Stop to Abuse

115_webGeorge Haalema explained that when he joined the camp he thought he was just playing games, but he said he learnt a lot of skills.

“I learnt how I could survive if my parents die”

He received training about children’s rights and shared his learning with his peers. When he found out they were being abused by their guardians, George stepped in on his friends’ behalf and told their guardians they would be reported if they continued. The abuse stopped.

George’s mother, Selina Haachilala, said,

“Since my husband died I was the mother and the father. Now my son George is also the father”.

"I’ve learnt a lot from George, who has shown a lot of empowerment (since going on the camp). A lot of skills and concepts are new to me- I’ve never seen them in anyone else. Before the camp he was a coward- he was not brave in doing things. When he came back from the camp I could see a new enthusiasm in him".

George Haalema and his mother Selina Haachilala

"I’ve learnt some skills from him and really appreciate the application of

  • Children’s rights
  • Communication
  • General respect of elders in the community
  • Taking up responsibility- eg taking care of the animals"

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