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Classroom_at_a_community_schoolOften in Zambia children are unable to attend government schools because they are too expensive, too far away or there are not enough places available. In order to ensure that their children receive some form of education, communities in Zambia set up their own makeshift schools known as ‘Community Schools’. These schools, which make up nearly one third of the schools in Zambia, cater for over 500,000 children. They are often housed in temporary structures of clay and thatch, lack even the most basic resources and are run by teachers with little or no training.

PEPAIDS’ Schools of Good Hope project was set up in 2010 to help improve the quality of education for over 1000 of Zambia’s poorest children in eight of these Community Schools. The project consists of two elements: a schools linking programme aimed at improving the resources and facilities in the Community Schools and a teacher training programme designed to furnish the untrained volunteers with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate as competent teachers.

p1010190PEPAIDS schools linking programme has allowed each of our eight community schools to find a partner school in the U.K.  Through frequent communication, videos and newsletters, we help to build real relationships between the schools, providing pupils on both sides with an opportunity to learn about another culture. The U.K. schools also raise funds to provide resources and improve the facilities at their link school.  

DSCF2013In addition to this, PEPAIDS also delivers a syllabus of free teacher training to the untrained volunteers in our Zambian schools. The syllabus, which has been reviewed and approved by the Zambian Ministry of Education, gives an introduction to teaching methodology as well as providing trainees with real and practical examples of how the theory can be applied in their schools. The training encourages a more learner centered approach to teaching and is supported by frequent monitoring and mentoring visits designed to help trainees to improve in stages and become better educators.

PEPAIDS believes that education is a lifeline out of poverty and key to rehabilitating a country crippled by the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Achievements to date!
In less than a year our project has exceeded all expectation! We have not only trained almost double the number of teachers we anticipated, but early indications are that all schools involved have experienced an increased intake of pupils since November 2011, meaning that our project has impacted even more children than planned! Combined with our innovative schools linking programme, the Schools of Good Hope Project has inspired literally thousands of people in Zambia and the UK to pull together and contribute what they can to make the eight community schools involved interesting and advancing places to learn!

Please read the projects report summary for an overview of our fantastic achievements to date, the situation before the Project started, how we delivered it, and best of all, the improvements in the schools that mean that now even more vulnerable and marginalised children in Zambia have access to a quality education! 

The world is not what it was 20 years ago. Fields and cattle are not enough and when people are counted it will be those with an education that stand above the rest. By helping with our school you are investing in peoples’ lives and their futures.”

Teacher in Charge at Kafefwe Community School

To see the impact that the Schools of Good Hope Project is having in Zambia visit our YouTube site at or follow the YouTube link on this website.

For further information on how you or your school can become involved please contact us or download our pdf_button UK Schools Information Pack.

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