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The Growing Futures Project

Educational Camps for Orphans and Vulnerable Children 

The first part of our Growing Futures Project involves running a series of educational camps for orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) that will equip them with knowledge and skills that will enable them to change their own futures for the better!

Our camps will be for two separate age groups in each of our seven communities:

9-12 years

13-16 years

The specific aims of our camps are

  • Prevent HIV and AIDS, by educating OVCs, parents & guardians with the facts.
  • Empower OVCs, through education about children’s rights.
  • Improve the economic prospects of OVCs and their families, by exploring practical opportunities for OVCs to contribute meaningfully on a daily basis and initiate income generating activities in each community.
  • Provide emotional support for OVCs through ongoing mentorship by trusted adults in each community.
  • Enable OVCs to have fun and a break from the daily hardships they face.
  • Improve community cohesion and ownership for caring for vulnerable children and their families.

Our educational OVC camps will act as a springboard for the development of whole communities!

If you’d like to volunteer on one of our camps, click here to see what’s involved!


Following an OVC camp 13 year-old Jack realised he could help provide for his family by shooting quail with his catapult & selling them. He has been so successful he has also been able to buy himself this pair of shoes! He now helps to cook for his sick mother & 3 sisters also.


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