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schools02Suckley Primary School:

Suckley Primary School near Worcester is linked with Cecilia’s School of Good Hope. Suckley joined the programme in September 2010 and has managed to get the pupils, teachers and even the parents on board with fundraising for their partner school and raising awareness of the issues they face. Suckley school dedicated two weeks of their curriculum to learning about Zambia and the lives of children at their partner school – the pupils learnt how to cook a dish from Zambia and the school also organised ‘Africa Week’ where they booked African drummers and dancers to perform at the school so that the children could gain an insight into Zambian culture. Suckley school pupils have also written letters and created artwork for each pupil at Cecilia’s School of Good Hope and these were received with much excitement from the Zambian pupils! Responses were immediately sent back to the UK and the pupils can’t wait for their next letters from Suckley School. Meanwhile, the school raised £70 in copper coins that will go towards buying shoes for the school pupils and parents have also been donating children’s shoes so they can be sent out. The school has many other fundraising ideas in the pipeline and has also recently applied to the British Council for funding for three teachers to come out and visit Cecilia’s school and share skills and training with their Zambian counterparts. We have our fingers crossed for their success!

Abraham_Moss_HS_1Abraham Moss High School:

Abraham Moss High School is based in Manchester and is linked with Mujika West Community School. The school got involved in the programme in September 2010 and have been very busy fundraising and collecting donated items to send to Mujika School. Amongst their achievements to date are a Christmas fundraising concert for PEPAIDS that was organised by the school’s fundraising team and raised £130 and established links with primary schools in the local area to encourage them to donate shoes to their partner school. Pupils who are studying for their citizenship GCSE are also learning about Mujika School and the challenges they face in terms of lack of resources and inadequate facilities. Importantly, the pupils involved in the project have also taken the time to write to the pupils at Mujika School so that they can get to know them better! Abraham Moss High School is very passionate about global and charitable issues and has undertaken awareness raising and fundraising projects with charities such as Oxfam and Mothers Against Violence. We are really glad that they have decided to come on board with our programme, and we’re looking forward to continuing our link with them in the future.

Chorlton_HS_2Chorlton High School

Chorlton High School is based in Manchester and is linked with Chisila Community School. The school joined PEPAIDS’ Schools of Good Hope programme in September 2010 and have been actively supporting their partner school from the word go! Chorlton has integrated the project with PEPAIDS into the PSHE Curriculum for all Year 7 pupils who now learn about their partner school under different themes in PSHE. The school has also formed a team of Charity Ambassadors who are dedicated to creating fundraising events and activities that the whole school gets involved in. Already Chorlton High School has donated an amazing range of items to their partner school, including pencil cases for every pupil and a massive range of Christmas gifts, such as personalised T-shirts, individual gift boxes for each of the pupils, soft toys, books and artwork. Their generosity hasn’t stopped there though, as the school is also organising a book donation scheme called ‘Drop Everything and Read’ where pupils donate a favourite book from their childhood to Chisila School. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next! 

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