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volunteerPEPAIDS is passionate that everyone can do something to help in the fight against poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa! No matter what your life situation or circumstances, we will try and find something that excites you that you can do, short or long term!

We have volunteering opportunities in the UK and Zambia within every strand of our Engage Programme as well as in the broader context of running PEPAIDS, the charity.

Office Systems Building For Independence Health Income Generation Schools Of Good Hope Sports Theatre For Development

Fundraising Research

You Could Be... Young, Older, Living in Zambia, Living in the UK, Living in another country, Working, Retired, a University Student, At School....

You Could Do... teaching, farming, income generation, building, a university elective placement, nursing, medicine, midwifery, IT, HR, fundraising, admin, accounting, PR, strategic planning, research, peer education, theatre, sports....

So whether you want a short-term, low cost African volunteering opportunity that you can fit into a holiday or have the passion to volunteer abroad on a long term placement; whether you live in Zambia, the UK or another country and want volunteer your skills with the time you have; or you might be in a school and want to rally your fellow pupils and teachers to do something that will really make a difference, PEPAIDS could be the charity for you! If you want to engage in a cultural exchange that gets you thinking beyond your own circumstances or you have a heart see African women, children, widows and AIDS orphans empowered to have hope and a future, contact us.

Due to circumstances, we are unfortunately not able to offer volunteer placements in Zambia at Present!


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George Malambo has been one of the most inspirational Zambian Peer Educators of our story. To this day, George has worked hard to do what he can to help the poorest and sickest in his community and further afield, as well as inspiring all of our UK volunteers. So as our parting gesture, PEPAIDS wanted to reward him for 16 years of amazing service.

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