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Have you got a week to spare to Camp Zambia?

By volunteering on one of our camps for orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs), you can do something amazing to help these children change their own tomorrow!

Every month between March and September 2015 we will be running OVC camps, for the poorest and most vulnerable children in each community that we work in.

Each camp will last 5 days and provide an amazing opportunity for you to do something that will truly make a difference to these children's lives, while having an authentic experience of rural Africa!

Children in Zambia think it's a real treat to have a visitor from overseas! You will be a very welcome addition to their camp experience and help give them a stimulating break from the daily hardships that they face.

During the camp you will learn about the issues that affect children's everyday lives and get stuck into playing games that will help them learn vital facts and life-skills to enable them to overcome and prosper long-term.

Tents are provided, but most of our volunteers opt for sleeping under the stars, so that they can say they've done it Zambian style!

If you have longer than a week, you could take a few days to head south and visit Livingstone, dip your toe in the mighty Zambezi River and see the spectacular Victoria Falls- one of the seven wonders of the world!

Due to circumstances, we are unfortunately not able to offer volunteer placements in Zambia at Present!



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